Whether you’re connecting a single well to an existing system or building an entire gathering system, Crossfire has trained personnel and equipment to complete these projects in a safe and efficient manner.  Crossfire has the manpower and equipment to support your infield pipeline needs.  Crossfire maintains over 1,100 pieces of equipment and employs over 1500 personnel with personnel proficient and certified in construction of the following materials of construction:

  • Welded carbon steel
  • Zap-Loc steel pipeline
  • HDPE
  • FlexSteel
  • FlexPipe
  • FiberSpar
  • Fiberglass

Crossfire maintains a full service pipeline construction department taking our customers projects from the point of calling in line locates, to performing our own internal line locate sweeps prior to beginning clearing the ROW through stringing, welding, trenching, laying, backfilling, as-builting, through reclamation of the ROW.  Crossfire maintains a full QC program with Certified Welding Inspectors on staff to meet the most stringent Quality Control requirements of our Customers as well as our ISO 9000 system.  Individual well connect or full gathering field, large diameter or small, let Crossfires experience work for you.