Reaching New Heights

An innovative approach has quickly elevated Crossfire LLC to top-tier status among oilfield construction firms.

“We’re now available for operations in every state west of the Mississippi, plus Ohio, and we’re looking at further expansion in the eastern half of the country,” says Larry Rust, superintendent of Trucking Operations for Crossfire. “But we’re doing this slowly, adding what we can when we can, subject to maintaining our high level of quality and our safety record.”

In addition to their Ignacio home office, Crossfire has branch offices in 10 other states and is looking to expand on that metric as well. Business is booming in the oil, gas and mining industries, despite the economic downturn, and Crossfire intends to leverage that boom for itself and its clients.

“It’s all about safety, efficiency and integration,” says Derek McCoy, Crossfire’s business development manager. “If we can provide those values to our clients, and do it better than anyone else, the sky’s the limit for Crossfire.” Continue to the full story here: Gas Oil & Mining Contractor Magazine