Crossfire, LLC’s Civil Infrastructure and Commercial Construction team has the experience and equipment to handle your large earth moving projects from start to finish.  The Crossfire team brings industry specialists that can start your project with a detailed constructability review ensuring the site was balanced appropriately through final ROW cleanup and landscaping should that level of detail be included in the project scope, as well as every step in between.  Our team of Construction Professionals maintain expertise in all aspects of your infrastructure and commercial construction project including the following:

  • Project Management including constructability review
  • Site Construction Survey
  • Site excavation and buildup
  • Import/Export whether using our own truck fleet or third party trucking services
  • Site Drainage
  • Site Utility installation including water, sewer, storm drainage and natural gas
  • Concrete foundation and infrastructure installation
    • Building foundations, retaining walls, and floor slabs
    • Concrete drainage structures from small culverts to dam diversion structures
  • Road and highway construction whether a city street or miles of road from prepping the sub-base to final asphalt and ROW clean up
  • Building Construction from site preparation through final build out
  • Final site cleanup and landscaping.

So whether you are building a new highway interchange, residential subdivision or new commercial complex, Crossfire has the personnel with the experience to take your project from start to finish, or take on individual pieces of your project.