Hear directly from those who have experienced the Crossfire commitment to service, quality and integrity! We have provided some of the comments from our clients below. If you’d like to share your story, please click on the link below and leave us your feedback. Thank you.

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I wanted to take some time to commend two of your crews that worked for me this past week. We were met with a very tough deadline in getting our wells ready for POP. Our previous record for MCBU was hooking one well in 4.5 days. With the help of your crews, we were able to hook up four wells in 4 days. I would like to make a special mention for Daniel Ballin, Gabriel Sotelo, and Rosendo Andrade. These men were a catalyst for leadership that allowed us to work both safety and diligently to achieve this record breaking achievement. I wanted to express my appreciation directly to you for all of their help and support. I would also like to make sure they received special recognition for this outstanding work.
Scott Blasik
This is an unsolicited letter of recommendation to anyone looking for a contractor to provide labor and material to gravel new and old driveways. As a new resident to the Durango area it was my good fortune to contact and meet Jay, Harley and Deb at the Durango gravel yard. Starting off with several loads of gravel in my own pickup truck it became clear that I needed help. With a competitive price and an excellent job done on my old drive and new round-about I am glad to be writing this letter. All three were wonderful to deal with and Harely is very much the professional heavy machine operator. It was a joy to watch someone that new exactly what they were doing and did a superior job from start to finish. While it was my good luck to find them it is also Crossfire's good fortune to have this team as part of the company. I'll be sure to recommend Crossfire to friends and neighbors and use them again for any future projects. Please feel free to use this letter, or contact me for a verbal recommendation at any time. Thanks again to the Crossfire team.
Dave Rogers
I wanted to take the time, to send out recognition to all that were involved with this project. This was a large scale project, that had many variables from safety to logistics to shift work. The crossfire group preformed exceptional, had everything needed to perform job and did great on the communication side of things. We worked around the clock, and we achieved goal zero. Also a special thanks to the Shell safety department, they hung in there and got it done thru several adverse conditions. I am a firm believer in you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, I feel with this group we will go far. So in closing thank you to you all, and I look forward to the next one I know we will knock it out of the park.
Chad Townsend
Shell Exploration & Production
Just wanted to say thank you for Crossfire's work at Hillcrest. We appreciate your making the project a priority and completion of the work prior to the golf course opening, and appreciate you working with both the golf course staff and City staff to make sure that your work met everyone's expectations. Please pass a thank you on to your guys for a well done job!
Scott McClain
City of Durango
Mark, The Isaacs Ranch wanted to express our appreciation of the work performed by BP and Crossfire on the Isaacs Ranch pipeline and compressor project. We've had no problems with any of the crews and to date the quality of the land restoration has been very good.
David Isaacs
Hey Ezra, Ron and I run alot on the county roads around Durango, Pastorius Lake area and almost always we are passed by Crossfire water trucks or other work trucks. We wanted to let you know that your drivers always slow down, drive carefully around us, wave and show common courtesy. This is not always true with other drivers. Anyway, we appreciate the attitude of your employees! Thanks!
Ya know, I just bought a load of gravel for my driveway from Crossfire. Got same-day service. Every single person I talked to at Crossfire was helpful, friendly, competent... from the receptionist to the materials guy (Dave?) to Richard, the delivery driver, who put it EXACTLY where I wanted it-- to where I don't even need the neighbor's backhoe in to spread it. I ride bicycles and motorcycles frequently along 172/151, and Crossfire's drivers are unfailingly safe and courteous I have never ONCE seen one doing "stupid stuff." Every time I see a Crossfire logo I think, "Now there's a well run company with great employees. A company this community can be proud of. " I just want to say...THANK YOU.
Wade N.
One of the guys in the office mentioned that he was meeting with Pagosa people yesterday and received rave compliments about the project and the work that Crossfire did. People said that it was much safer, liked the way it looked, appreciated the Contractor staff and mentioned how polite and helpful everyone was, and that it was a good project. CDOT doesn't get too many comments on projects like that, so it was great to hear something positive. I'm very impressed with how Crossfire handled the work, and I really enjoyed the project. It was a lot of fun!! Thank you guys so much for everything, and I have really enjoyed working with you. I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
Jessica Ebel
If I may take a moment of your precious time to inform you of the excellent crew of men you have dispatched out to the new bridge you are building out over the Blanco River. You have no idea how many of us our here are walking around with SMILES on all our faces, this has been a much needed project for many, many a year... You have one of the best assemblages of men (if not the best) anywhere that I have witnessed in years.
R.D. Sprague
Mr. Ezra Lee, We are writing this letter to "Thank You" for the work your company performed on the Pine River Canal during the 2014 Irrigation Season. We were so blessed to have your experienced excavators and personnel on the job ensuring our irrigation season was successful. In addition, we thank you for your dedication in completing and executing work timely ensuring water was back in the ditch in record time considering the amount of work involved. Again, we express our Thanks and Gratitude for saving our irrigation season and our way of life.
Pine River Canal Company Shareholders
Pine River Canal Company
Mr. Andrade, I would like to thank you and your crew for the work performed on the Vess South Trunk Line replacement project. Your dedication to Incident Free Operations and delivering a quality product in a timely manner is greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you and your men in the future. Thanks again, Kenny Ketelsen Construction Representative Chevron NAEP Upstream MCA FE-Gas Area
Kenny Ketelsen
On behalf of the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council, I would like to thank you and your staff for the rapid response to the 4,000 gallon spill that occurred on September 16th , 2011 on Hwy 550 just north of the Colorado/New Mexico border. Without the swift action of your crew there could have been serious human health concerns and environmental contamination of the Animas River and a vast riparian area downstream.
Pearl E. Casias
Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council