Safety is Paramount and an Integral Part of Crossfire’s Culture

The safety of our employees, clients and subcontractors is the major priority at Crossfire, LLC. We demand the best, most effective and up-to-date level of training for our team members and our subcontractors.  Prior to any assignment in the field, each of our team members goes through, at the very minimum, PEC Safeland Training, Defensive Driving, First Aid – CPR, Hazard Communication and H2S Awareness .  They are then supplied with a photo ID card that depicts their level of training and competency.  Our clients can rely on our team members to put safety first and promote our ideals surrounding safety and its foundation in our company culture.

A Dedicated Training and Safety Center

Crossfire, LLC, has a staff of four full-time trainers that are dedicated to training Crossfire team members to work safely on our client’s projects.  When their schedule allows, trainers are also available to offer a wide variety of courses to our subcontractors and outside workforce employees.  As an NCCER accredited organization, NCCER assessments are administered and NCCER course modules are conducted by two NCCER Master Trainers and multiple Craft Trainers.   If a Veriforce qualified workforce is in demand, our Certified Internal Veriforce Evaluator is qualified to ensure that those Crossfire team members are ready for any specific project.

Crossfire team members, our subcontractors and our clients have access to multiple safety services such as: H2S Consulting, Hazardous Gas Monitor Sales and Service, Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Hydro-Testing and Safety Meeting Coordination.

Crossfire, LLC maintains an active subscription to ISNET World and PEC Premier to enable our clients to preview and monitor our company’s ongoing and historical safety performance.

At the end of 2017, Crossfire employees logged 2,845,948 man hours, drove 14,234,145 million miles and maintained a stellar TRIR of .35 and a 3-year average of 0.37.  In 2016, and after 2,452,269 man hours were worked and 14,572,101 were driven, Crossfire’s TRIR was 0.33 and our 3-year average was .36. We strive for exceptional safety, not only to meet industry standards, but to exceed them.  Crossfire’s safety statistics are among the best in the industry.  Nevertheless, we are not satisfied with our performance until we meet our self-imposed goal of ZERO INCIDENTS.

Why do this?  Because we care about our clients and their employees, our performance and our reputation in the industry.  Crossfire’s main asset is our people.  We care about each one of them and their families.  Crossfire is known throughout the industry as a great place to work and this is evidenced by the abundance of job applications that we have on file waiting for future opportunities to join our team.